We conduct our business with integrity and a strong ethical compliance culture. Our leadership team actively nurtures our core values throughout the company, and we encourage synergies in a collaborative and goal-oriented environment.


We believe in partnerships and invest into our relationships as much as we do in the materials we trade. Our seasoned financing specialists provide tailored trade finance solutions. We can provide access to credit and investment facilities for long or short-term transactions and have extensive experience in financing new production lines, and even new production sites. We have a long history of operating in countries where trade opportunities are limited.


Our shipping specialists operate seamlessly with our suppliers and customers, to ensure an efficient and reliable service. We select shipping lines and freight forwarders for their service performance which is continuously monitored to ensure we maintain the high service our partners are accustomed to.


We conduct all our businesses in compliance with local and international laws and regulations and expect all our partners to operate to international standards and industry best practices in all areas. All staff receive regular compliance training and are reminded of their obligations and responsibilities in line with the company’s core values.


At Ramatex, we see a future that is bright and full of opportunities. But those opportunities are only possible if we protect our natural resources so that they will be here for future generations. As a company that is deeply involved in trading in our planet’s natural resources, we have a responsibility to help businesses become more sustainable.