Providing industry with the ingredients to match

We work with selected manufacturers of raw materials, to ensure high quality, consistent supplies, and compliance with local and international laws and regulations. Beyond that, we open new markets to our suppliers, optimize the product-mix for our customers to increase productivity, and have created several specialist products which are still in commercial use today.

Industrial Minerals

Minerals are the natural ingredient to any cement product, and can be used on their own, or to improve the physical properties of the final product together with other materials.

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Wood Pulps and Papers

Wood pulps carefully selected for optimal mixability and durability for cement products, and papers for specialty usages.

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Cement Additives

All cement additives improve the properties of the cement, both during the production and for the final product.

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Synthetic Fibers

When extra strength is needed, synthetic fibers are an effective tool.

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Recycle Pulp

Recycle pulps are an effective substitute to wood pulp and papers, reducing raw material costs, and have changed the industry.

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