Ramatex has several historic markets which we have been serving for decades. We have our stakeholder’s interests at heart in everything that we do. We take our time to understand our partner’s needs and to offer tailor-made solutions that allows them to sustainably grow their long-term business. Factories around the world rely on Ramatex as a reliable source of their raw materials and many of our suppliers can expand their sales into new regions through us. Below are some of our main markets.

Building Materials

Our primary historic market is building materials, specifically fiber-cement. We are known as the “flagship of the fiber cement industry.” We have been a leading driver of its innovation and the only distributor in the world supplying all the raw materials needed. When you choose to do business with us, you will have access to our technical knowledge.

Asides the fiber cement world, our products and raw material are used in several building materials used in construction worldwide.


Almost every item we consume on a daily basis is wrapped in some way, and transported in boxes of various sizes and thicknesses, and since the beginning of the pandemic, this trend has increased faster than anyone expected. One of the principal markets we supply is packaging which includes sack kraft paper and containerboards used to produce bags and boxes. We supply both virgin an recycle materials.


Man has used paper for more than 2000 years, and today, the term “paper” is synonym for a large number of applications. We cannot imagine a world without paper. As a more recent, but nonetheless, important key market of Ramatex we supply on both virgin and recycle materials to papermakers around the world who produce products we use daily in some form, such as office paper, notepads, newsprint, magazines, filters, and bank notes.

Tissue Paper

The term ‘tissue’ is derived from the French word tisser meaning ‘to weave’, thus referring to what was initially cloths made of cotton and linen, but in modern times was replaced by wood pulps. We supply both virgin and recycle materials to produce tissue papers, which include paper towels, sanitary products, and which play an important role in contemporary life to improve the hygiene, comfort, and convenience in our daily lives.